Public organization

Founded in 2022, the "Iron Garden" Public Organization quickly became a leading player in the field of miltech in Ukraine. In the short time of our existence, we have developed a number of high-tech miltek projects, including Griselda, Armor and numerous specialized miltek applications for the needs of the military, government structures and other organizations

Our mission

Our mission is not just to create technologies, but also to save the lives of our defenders, helping them defend and liberate Ukrainian land from invaders. Our passion for innovation and unquestionable dedication to the defense of Ukraine make us an indispensable partner in the field of defense technology.

Our projects

CIMIC module

Independent secure platform with a module for military-civilian cooperation units to collect objective information about the civilian environment.


Monthly collection for the needs of the Griselda project. Automated system of entering, processing and transmitting information using AI.


A platform and communication digital solution for communities and their leaders, which aims to develop a network of interconnections and assistance.

CRM for “S.E.S.”

Geoinformation platform for coordination of forces and means to eliminate the consequences of contamination of the territory with explosive objects.